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Class: 2D!<

Faves :D

Anime-NARUTO,BLEACH,PoT,DGM,Blood plus,etc.
Manga- loves NARUTO the most
prefer Shounen anime and manga to shoujo
Fave. Anime character: Hitsygaya Toushiro
UVERworld! takuya,katsuya,nobuto,shintarou,akira
Drawing anime/manga
Solar System! Stars! Universe! Planetesimals! Jupiter!
English as it is broken
Fave. anime voice actor: Romi Paku [hitsugaya,temari, teresa, edward]
Other voice actors: junko minagawa, junko takeuchi, yuki yaida, junichi suwabe, showtaro morikubo
[echizen ryoma] [naruto uzumaki][fuji syuusuke][keigo atobe] [shikamaru.kirihara],br> Anime characters: practically all.like naruto,sakura,matsumoto,ichigo,neji,allen,lavi,saya,kai,riku,yoite,raikou


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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

okay, so the school year has started.
and i find it quite pathetic cuz ever since school started, there was only this one day when i only watched four episodes of anime online. im so glad there's animania.
but i think i didnt watch skipbeat and toradora. cant rmb
and i haven't watched naruto and bleach and soul eater and gundam 00 [the list goes on].

so im trying to adapt into my class. nice ppl. though i still miss 2D!
and i dun really like my seat.
actually sitting between two boys isn't the big problem.
the big problem is tt i cant lie on the table and listen to lessons cuz im right at the back. so if i put my head on the table, i wont be able to see.
and maybe im a little too quiet.
and lessons r so boring i want to sleep.
but i cant sleep during lessons so i didnt. just yawned a lot.
and the class is funny.
today didnt really pay attention to bio but i actually understood what the teacher was saying. it's not tt the teacher is boring, it's just tt i dislike chem.

and im planning to change my blog song.
listen to hakanaku mo towa no kanashi like so many times on my blog.
and yay to UVERworld!
hakanaku mo towa no kanashi got top 40 for 2008 oricon charts top 100 when it was only released on 19 nov.
and gekidou by UVERworld got top 72!
too bad koishikiute didnt get in top 100, if not all of their singles this yr will be in top 100! koishikute is a nice song too.
nexus4 and drink it down i think r top 48 and 52 respectively.
then YUI is top 60 and 61, but i cant rmb the singles' name.
arashi took the first two places. the first one is truth and the second one, i cant rmb the name of the single.
hanabi by mr.children was top 6.
kat-tun and news r somehwere in the top too.
orange range and vamps too.
i think i didnt like the vamps song. cant rmb.
but orange range's O2 is a nice song.

oh, btw, im planning to changemy blog song to unlimited sky by tommy heavenly6 which will come out on 25 feb 09, same date as abingdon boys school's strength.

time to go imeem and anime.

1:31 AM

Friday, 2 January 2009

:) im love UVERworld!
yay! takuya. i feel that he has sing well in the proglution tour 2008.
im only comparing dtechno-life now. the other songs were good too, but i just want to compare this.
in 2005, UVERworld performed dtechno-life live. then just first he sang well, but later halfway through then not so good. duno if he's nervous or not confident, cuz 2005 they just started though they started as sangoku road in 2003.
then PROGLUTION TOUR 2008 i really think he did sang well. :)
some ppl used to say tt UVERworld sounds nice only in studio..tt was when their first few singles were performed live. but i think now everyone can take those words back!:)

4:38 AM

1st day of school
on the way to school, saw shiyin on the bus. but i didnt went to meet her cuz she was listening to music and i didnt feel like disturbing her[i wouldn't want anyone to talk to me when im listening to music, but i wont stop ppl from talking to me].
then later met mengying at mrt station.took the train with shiyin and mengying. then later come out, met anna. then outside sch, two ppl were giving out tp notebks,saying gt open house. then later saw waimeng, in long pants, and left wierd to see him in pants. later go class, felt wierd in a new class. saw kaixiang's hair v short. saw jeelee and boon lee. then sat with boon lee. joie and ruishuang joined later. jingjing sat behind boon lee. blah..blah..

quite a nice day. slacking but boring.
assembly. the tchers spoke for so long i was yawning and closing my eyes,even when i stood up.
class. form tcher is wang lao shi. chinese tcher. tt means sel is in chinese...
then she made me want jiang lao shi to be my tcher. i prefer jiang lao shi.
but jingjing say wang lao shi is nice, so maybe i need to know her for a longer time to know.

bought handbook cuz acp said so. then realise a lot of ppl also nvr buy, then left it was reductant. but it was quite a nice bk though.

later after sch, went home with joie,ruishuang,boonlee,anna and sarah.
boon lee walked so fast, while joie and ruishuang walked too slowly.
anna and sarah were walking beside me.
so in the end,i was with joie at mrt station.
in the mrt, saw josephine.
then i went with her to white sands and then eat and go comic connection. joie only went there to return her storybook. then at comic connection, i saw a lot of things tt i like and i was excited[im always very excited at comic connection]. first thing i saw was shounen jump. it's the 1st issue of this yr. and i was thinking if it was at the same pace as japan's. and i dont know. then josephine told me to see the models. then i saw gundam 00 exia! setsuna! lols. was excited. there were big,medium and small ones. not only setsuna lah.oh there was the skipbeat! poster too.
then i browse through magazines..saw naruto, prince of tennis,bleach,FMA,one piece,etc.prince of tennis and bleach was like a collection of pictures. prince of tennis got this is like for the whole 1998-2008 collection. and the bleach one was 2008 collection. oh i also saw a kattun magazine. and i saw another magazine which i think shows a picture of yamapi from news on the cover[i think it's him].was trying to find uverworld magazine or rather,their band scores.saw posters of many anime.naruto,bleach,dgm,hitman reborn,etc.
kept looking through them.and i saw the naruto and bleach wallets. my fave was naruto and gaara chibi wallet. i saw a hitsugaya one but i still preferred the naruto one. even though hitsugaya is my fave char, but the wallet wasn't tt nice to me. oh, i looked through the metallic stickers until the handle almost came out. lols. but tt handle was the type tt can be taken out and put in again. so i managed to put it back.

tt's the end. jiayou to everyone for their book test.
y must the sch change common test to tuesday!!
and then i monday gt cca cuz got sec 1 orientation.

to sam: lols. tamaki is expected lor. haha. at first i supported both then i duno which one i would support more. but in the end i chose tamaxharu.
if u dun read the manga, read it and u'll find out tt the manga is more towards developing a love story alr. and haruhi alr knows she loves tamaki. hikaru will fight for her too.:) lols. tt's in the story. tamaki still doesn't know yet -_-

2:19 AM

happy new year! 2009 with all good things to come!
Wednesday, 31 December 2008

happy new year everyone!
2009 is here!
haven't been updating my blog for a long time.

performed harmony concert at vjc auditorium
watched vjcband concert at vjc auditorium
went museum with anna
did ss project
worrying about homework and storybooks
commenting on imeem
watching tv
and of cuz anime and manga

this holiday
i've watched many anime, especially during the holidays.
code geass, soul eater, gundam 00, skip beat!,toradora, ouran high school host club,etc.
watched some episodes of deathnote again
oh finished Full metal alchemist,not including movie.
read ouran high manga.
having slow progress on vampire knight.
being able to accept yaoi due to hikaru and kaoru at ouran high.
accepting much more anime couples[which i usually don't] due to ouran high,
and i like all pairings in ouran high, especially tamaxharu and hikaxharu.
knowing more voice actors like jun fukuyama and mamoru miyano.
mamoru miyano became my 2nd fave voice actor. first is still romi paku.
became super crazy about miyano mamoru!
loves fight! sang by mamoru miyano and romi paku.
can't wait to have UVERworld's 4th album, which will be out on 18 Feb 2009.
learnt tt deathnote actually has an alternate ending.
only jdrama watched is one litre of tears. tot i would continue with jdramas but didnt.
only jmovie watched is taiyou no uta, the one YUI was featured. the best of it was YUI performing three of her songs.and i decided the movie which hyde,gackt and wang leehom were featured was better?
got gundam 00 and soul eater scans from machika on imeem! the scans r from animage i think.
decided to put a few of my pictures on imeem for online friends who want to see, one of which i intend to use it for making the happy new year msg.
became shocked to know takuya from UVERworld and kou shibasaki r a couple.many fans were shocked and feared UVERworld may be affected if takuya spends too much time with kou shibasaki. takuya composes lyrics and most of their music, and programming and vocals.but i have faith in takuya!
was happy for mamoru miyano to be married and be expecting first child. happy tt he told us fans too. and many were thinking if the child came first or the marriage,lols.not we fans only r happy tt he's happy.
made comparision, miyano fans were happy while takuya/UVERworld fans weren't so happy.
mamoru miyano's single or album is coming out in March!
fave character in the romance of the three kingdoms is liu bei.
still crazy over naruto and bleach.
thinks that the big thing tt happen to kakashi is him being killed. is still uncertain cuz it isn't v confirmed yet. but i still think it's impossible, even if he really is dead.
will continue vampire knight anime for a few reasons. for zero, headmaster and zero's teacher. for mamoru miyano, zero's voice actor.and cuz i alr watched it. maybe i wont read the manga anymore.
wants to put a song by UVERworld on this blog. i really love the song. but it's sounds kinda inauspicious. cuz the first word is 'tragedy'.

woah. one long spam of post.

and of cuz, i became friends with sam or tofu. rachel's friend.
she is going vjc nxt yr and she happens to know audrey.
some r fated to know anyone tt knows rachel! well, i think only anna,audrey and clara from ahs.
she's in the vjc band playing the flute.
went to the vjcband concert cuz rachel was going to support her and i just followed.
she's another anime fan!
especially of soul eater now.
and she, like other ip ppl, has no hw and sch yet!! ...

oh, one last thing.
between tamaxharu and hikaxharu of ouran high, i choose tamaxharu.
it's expected and in the manga, haruhi already knows she loves him.
tamaki is an idiot so he doesn't..

8:07 AM

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

yay! UVERworld's hakanku mo towa no kanashi get #1 on oricon charts.
after 4 years. and there's like news articles on it?

1. UVERworld - Hakanaku mo Towa no GALAXY(118,852)
2. Perfume - Dream Fighter (70,873)
3. GIRL NEXT DOOR - Jyonetsu no Daisho / ESCAPE (22,117)
4. Arashi - Beautiful Days (16,102) -
5. Idoling!!! - ”ShoukuGyou: Idol” (14,670)
6. DREAMS COME TRUE - Tsuretette Tsuretette (14,419) ↓
7. Ginkgo BOYZ - 17 Sai (13,819)
8. SPEED - Ashita no Sora (12,926) ↓
9. ALI PROJECT - Kitei no Tsurugi (12,054)
10. Mika Nakashima - ORION (11,787) ↓
11. Yoshino Hiroyuki come across Allelujah Haptism - After Image / Taiyo (11,311)
12. Kobukuro - Toki no Ashioto (10,228) ↓
13. Ayaka Hirahara - Nocturne / Campanula no Koi (8,189) ↓
14. Junko Akimoto - Ai no Mamade (8,005) ↑
15. Yakima Biyoushitsu - Nihon no Mikata - Nevada Kara Kimashita (7,062) ↓
16. ORANGE RANGE - Oshare Banchou feat. Soy Sauce (6,688) ↓
17. Yo Hitoto - Hajimete (5,894)
18. ghostnote - I, Ai, Ai (5,706)
19. Lia - Toki wo Kizamu Uta / TORCH (5,202) ↓
20. Kimaguren - Ai Need (4,944)

Congratulations to UVERworld for their first Oricon #1! And two Gundam related songs in the top 20!

see the sales. sold many in first week.
2 reasons: UVERworld made this nice. and it's gundam 00 S2 OP1
im so happy!!

Here is the table showing UVERworld's first week sales for every single that has been released so far:

Date rank sales single title
2008/11/19 1st 118,852 12th 儚くも永久のカナシ
2008/09/10 3rd 52,333 11th 恋いしくて
2008/06/11 3rd 63,846 10th 激動
2007/11/14 3rd 47,945 9th 浮世CROSSING
2007/08/08 2nd 34,487 8th シャカビーチ〜Laka Laka La〜
2007/05/30 4th 45,070 7th endscape
2006/11/15 2nd 42,565 6th 君のすきなうた
2006/08/02 6th 43,867 5th SHAMROCK
2006/05/17 3rd 38,783 4th Colors of the Heart
2006/01/25 17th 14,155 3rd just Melody
2005/10/26 5th 14,150 2nd CHANCE!
2005/07/06 4th 31,569 1st D-tecnoLife

hakanaku mo towa no kanashi is like 4x the amt of Dtechno-life.
my fave song will still be colors of the heart!

6:28 PM

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

yay! tml is 19th nov!
UVERworld's new single coming out!
hakanaku mo towa no kanashi!

currently listening to them now.
the B-sides are longer than the A-side.
though only some 30sec diff.

oh, saw some soundtracks for twilight.
alr 4gt about the twilight movie
im more concerned about the book.

haven't started hw!
everyone too!
6 ppl from my CCA going triple sci and hist.
3 go 3D,3 go 3F
im saying this too late?

concert coming! 28 nov!
lambada! need to practise tt
thinking of magnificent seven or rather any concert song from night to day and day to night will drive u nuts.
..im updating my blog. so im being random on topics.

da jess and celeste play so pro on the harmonica and guitar respectively. saw them playing today.

4:02 AM

here's a must-watch video for all Bleach fans.
bleach op 1-asterisk by orange range
characters are in CHIBI MODE.

burst a new blister today. had to put plaster and stop playing the double bass.
burst while playing la playa. surprisingly, i felt no pain. only while plucking, i felt the blister bursting.
concert coming and so busy. this week everyday must go back school. next week, only mon and wed free..at least there r breaks in-between.
i hope we can have 3 double bass. then all 3 of us can play.

just watched bleach 24. just to see Hitsugaya's debut in bleach. im glad it was a funny episode, though there were nice serious parts. and toushiro only appeared at the last part, saying only a sentence. he was introduced as squad 10's captain earlier in the episode.

colours of the heart by UVERworld is the best!

1:12 AM